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    Squirt Round Robin
    2019 Mite Jamboree

    AMHA Apparel Store

    The online AMHA apparel store is available for your shopping convenience. The store consists of apparel items THAT WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE SALES CART. The ordering process should be rather painless; create an account, pick and choose items, sizes, and colors, place the order and pay! Once your order is ready, the items will be available for pick-up at the sales cart.

    LTP Fall Registration is Open

    The fall 2018 Learn to Play Hockey session registration is now open. Please click on the registration tab to register your skater(s). Please register your skater with USA Hockey before registering for the season.

    Great First Week!!

    The Flyers have started their season off with a bang. Thank you to the Cyclone Men's Hockey Team for running our practices. The foundation has been set!

    Week One
    Week One

    Updated AMHA Mission Statement

    To positively engage local youth in the fundamentals of hockey through:

    • Sportsmanship
    • Team Work
    • Character Development

    The Boylston Family with current AMHA Skaters Tim Weber and Matthew Hehr presenting a check to ISU Dance Marathon raised through the Quinn's Quest Game earlier in the season.

    AMHA Vs China

    Ames vs Harbin ,China

    Website Updates!

    In order to more fully utilize the features of our Website, we are asking that members do a few things.   First, please log on (upper left corner) and update your membership with the most current information, such as your current email address and contact information.  This will be important as we will attempt to utilize group features within the Website as we progress into next season.  Please click HERE for a link as to how to do this.  You should then log in to the Site whenever you visit as you will not be able to see some things if you do not.   Thank you!



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    Happe Homes

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    JT's Slapshot Hockey Shop

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    REG - Renewable Energy Group, Inc.

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