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    Youth Hockey night - November 18th

    The Ames Little Cyclones will be hosting Quad Cities with the Varsity game starting at 7:00 PM and the JV game to follow.

    We will be announcing teams and coaches between periods .   The Ames Little Cyclones will be signing posters for the youth players before and after the game.   

    Please come out and join us this Saturday for a night of High School hockey with a great chance for the kids to interact with High School players and coaches.    Make sure your kids wear their jerseys Saturday night!  

    AMHA Hires new director of Coaching and Payer Development

    Meet Fred Van Bergen - player Profile: 

    Q: What made you want to be back involved with youth hockey? 
    I was lucky to be in the AMHA program from 5 years old in Introduction to Hockey until I left the ice in tears as an 18-year-old senior coming up just short in the High School State Tournament in Sioux City, Iowa. Since graduating high school I’ve been involved in youth hockey in Waterloo, IA; Breckenridge, CO; and Roseville, MN. I’m excited for the opportunity to give back to an association that did so much for me. 

    Q: What is your main objective in your current role with AMHA?

    My number one goal as director of coaching and player development is to create an environment of fun and enjoyment as we develop as hockey players and coaches on and off the ice. We want our coaches to help the players develop the skills of the game that will translate year to year as they grow in the program.   

    Q:  Where do you see our association in 5 years? 
    My goal and dream for AMHA both in my role with AMHA and a father of future players is to see continued growth in program size, skill development of our players, and increased excitement for the program. Big youth programs leading to multiple seniors graduating each season is where I want to see AMHA. We live in a great community with so many opportunities. Working together - players, families, coaches, and a strong AMHA leadership - we can continue to build a proud association.   

    Q: What is your fondest memory from growing up in AMHA?
    As I, think back to the great games, the great tournaments, and the great moments I had, they all fall short of what I really remember about AMHA.  It is the smell of the rink, the competition, the friends, the traveling together, and most of all, the feeling of being part of a team. I was very lucky to grow up with Hockey being a big part of my youth and I look forward to giving that feeling back to the current and future players of AMHA.

    I look forward to seeing you all at the rink.  

    Fall Ice Schedule

    Begin regular practice for youth the week of October 16th.

    Monday (Skills nights and ADM)
    5:15 - 6:30 High School and Bantams
    6:45 to 8:00- Mites and Squirts
    8:15 to 9:30- Peewees

    Tuesday Half ice/ADM Collaboration
    5:15- 6:15 High School
    6:30- 7:15 LTP/LTS/Tykes
    7:15- 8:15 Squirts Half ice-/ Behind the Mask Half Ice
    8:30 to 9:15 Peewees and Bantams

    5:05 to 5:50- High School - Bantams optional

    THURSDAY- (Half ADM Collaboration/Half ice Instruction(Youth Groups))

    5:15-6:30- High School
    6:45-7:45- Mites and Squirts (ADM Stations/Half Ice Split)
    8:00- 9:15- Bantams and Peewees (ADM Stations/Half Ice Split)

    11:30- 12:30- Mite/Tyke Practice

    Fall Hockey Registration NOW OPEN!

    Letter from AMHA President and Board Leadership

    Hello AMHA Family,

    Hello All! On behalf of AMHA and the board, we want to welcome you and your players to the 2017 - 2018 hockey season. AMHA is very excited about the upcoming season and hope you feel the same. Before the season begins, the board wanted to provide you with updates related to changes to our payment processes, volunteer program, and corporate sponsorship.

    Enrollment is now open; you can go to and register your skater anytime between now and the start of the season, October 2.   

    1.  Fees

    Rates for each level are published below.  In general, rates were raised 3.5% this year.  The biggest factor in our need to raise rates is the City of Ames raised their charge for ice by 4%.  Ice time is our largest expense by far and has a direct influence on what we charge skaters.     As a board,  we work very hard to keep fees as low as possible.   Skater fees and fundraising are our only source of income, and we hope to increase our fundraising efforts to avoid future fee increases.   We welcome your ideas for fundraisers.   

    *all pre-registered skaters, Squirts and above will receive a $100 discount on their 2017-2018  season fees you will receive a coupon for $100 in a separate email, that will reduce your skater’s fee by $100.

    The board also approved a new payment system to help streamline and simplify our collection of skater fees. Payments will only be accepted by credit or debit card this year.  As you register your skater, you will be asked for a card number and authorization to charge this card for your annual fees.  The first payment will be due at the time of registration.  Each level will have a different number of payments due and this is listed below with the charges.   The second payment will be due on Oct 1st , third payment on Nov 1st and so on.  There is an option to pay your outstanding fees early if you are interested, please contact the assistant treasurer at or call Jerry Seydell @ 515.460.1536.

    Here are the rates and payment schedules for all classes:



    # of Payments  

    Payment Amount

    High School   





























    In addition to the coupon for early registration, if you have multiple skaters in AMHA above the Mite Level, you will receive a $50.00 coupon for your second and/or third skater.

    2.   New Volunteer program

    A new mandatory Volunteer program will be replacing the previous small programs and fundraising requirement.  Each skater will be required to earn ten credits of volunteer service during the season.  Coaches, Coordinates, locker room attendants, committee members, and game day helpers, are just a few positions where volunteer credits can be earned.  More details will follow with additional ways to earn credits.  Any skaters who does not meet the volunteer requirement will be charged $150.

    3.   Corporate Sponsorship / Greens

    Due to Federal Tax guidelines and MidWest league requirements, AMHA has had to revamped our Corporate Sponsorship and Greens.  AMHA can no longer offer individual players discounts towards their fees  for these programs.  The board has incorporated these programs into our volunteer program to ensure that skaters still receive credit for the work they do for AMHA.

    More details on these and other AMHA policies and programs will follow.  The board is available to answer questions at any time and I can be reached personally at Thank-you for being a part of Ames Hockey.

    Rosalie Vos Tulp - AMHA President.
    Mike Giles - Vice President
    Karl Hehr - Secretary
    Kay Seydell -  Treasurer



    The Boylston Family with current AMHA Skaters Tim Weber and Matthew Hehr presenting a check to ISU Dance Marathon raised through the Quinn's Quest Game earlier in the season.

    AMHA Vs China

    Ames vs Harbin ,China

    Website Updates!

    In order to more fully utilize the features of our Website, we are asking that members do a few things.   First, please log on (upper left corner) and update your membership with the most current information, such as your current email address and contact information.  This will be important as we will attempt to utilize group features within the Website as we progress into next season.  Please click HERE for a link as to how to do this.  You should then log in to the Site whenever you visit as you will not be able to see some things if you do not.   Thank you!

    AMHA Photos