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Registration for the 2014-15 Fall/Winter season is now open - DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JUNE 15TH

You must register your child for Fall hockey by June 15. If you miss the June 6 deadline, a $100 player fee will be added onto your registration for the 2014-15 season.  NOTE: 2014-15 AMHA registration is available through the on-line system ONLY.  Payment not required at time of registration, invoice for payment will follow.

Click here to register for Fall.

Travel Fees for the 2014-15 season is expected to be similar as the previous season, but will not be finalized until the annual budget is approved in August 2014.

  • High School = $1720
  • Bantam = $1200
  • Pee Wee = $850 
  • Squirt = $750
  • Mite = $550
  • Tyke = $350

NOTE: If 2014-15 registration is completed after June 15, 2014, add $100 to the above fee structure for returning AMHA players at Mite level and above.  This fee is waived only for players new to AMHA or below the Mite level.

Payment of fees will be expected on a 5 payment plan:

First Payment         20% due September 1, 2014
Second Payment     20% due October 1, 2014
Third Payment        20% due November 1, 2014
Fourth Payment    20% due December 1, 2014
Final Payment        20% due January 15, 2015

Payments invoices for the 2014/2015 season will be emailed and payments can may be made beginning July 1, 2014.  Arrangements to make credit card payments will also be provided with the payment invoice.

Learn to Skate Program Offered

AMHA is also promoting young skaters to utilize the Learn-to-Skate program as an additional opportunity for coached skating lessons on the ice.  This program is highly recommended for all skaters to continue to develop proper skating skills through the Hockey 4 level.  Additionally, it is becoming a requirement for the youngest of skaters to pass at least Basic 1 before entering the Learn to Play Hockey (Pre-Mite) program.

Recreational Youth Hockey

Ages 9-12 Sign-Up now.  Click here to register for Fall.

Sign-up for ages 8 and under as well as 13 and above coming soon.

Recreational Hockey Program

New this year, the AMHA has developed a Rec Hockey Program (RHP). You will be given the option to sign up for this as well now. The fee structure still needs to be determined by the board for this RHP.  

Recreational Hockey Program

The AMHA Recreational Hockey Program (RHP) is designed to provide an opportunity for those who want to learn the game of hockey, further their individual development, not have the commitment that travel hockey requires and to have fun.  It is the intent of AMHA to provide its members the opportunity to play recreational hockey for the levels of Tykes through Peewees, as Club resources allow.  As players learn to enjoy the sport of hockey and improve their player skill level, it is hoped that players will aspire to join their respective travel hockey program.

Recreational Program Structure

Members that are not part of the Travel Hockey Program (THP) will be placed into the RHP.  The structure of the RHP will be somewhat dependant on the number of players within the various divisions. The Coaches and Coordinators Committee (CCC) will determine the season's structure at the beginning of the season and will retain the right to make adjustments throughout the season to best accommodate the members and the Association.  These activities may consist of, but do not guarantee, cross ice scrimmages, full ice scrimmages and the possibility of full ice scrimmages or house league games.  Players should be willing to travel to and from nearby Iowa communities as opportunities for games become available.  Travel Hockey players may be allowed or encouraged to participate in these weekend activities if that participation enhances the RHP and does not conflict with the THP.  If the THP is in need of additional players and/or a RHP player makes significant improvements during the season, the coach of the division in need of a player may request the CCC to review such a move for approval.  If approval is granted, the final decision to move to the THP will rest upon the RHP player. 


The CCC will be responsible for ensuring that there is coaching availability for all weekend events that the RHP players are involved in.  Coaches of the THP will assist in coaching the RHP players during the regularly scheduled weekly practices.

Travel Hockey Program Policy


Travel Hockey Program


The AMHA Travel Hockey Program (THP) is designed for players who want to make a serious commitment to the game of hockey and to further their individual development.  Travel hockey requires a significant amount of travel and financial commitment.  It is the intent of AMHA to provide its members the opportunity to play competitive travel hockey, for the levels of Squirt through Bantams.


League Play


AMHA travel hockey teams will have the opportunity to play competitive hockey within and outside of the Midwest League, as determined by the Board, the coaches and parents of the respective teams.


Team Classification


The number of travel teams fielded at any one level will be determined by several factors including the number of players desiring to participate in travel hockey and the skill level of said players.  Those desiring to participate in travel hockey will need to be evaluated to aid in the determination of the number of teams that may be formed.  Further information on evaluations can be found in the evaluation policy.


Team Compilation


The number of teams that AMHA will field at any one level will primarily be driven by the number of those desiring to participate in travel hockey.  In addition to this will be the skill levels of those desiring to participate, based on evaluations and knowledge of the abilities of any specific players.  In game situations, attempts will be made for equitable play time.  This design may allow for additional players to be on the travel team that otherwise would not be. Travel teams will consist of players of comparable skills and the number of players on a team will follow the below structure:


- The minimum number of players on a team at all divisions will be ten (10) skaters and one (1) goalie.