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Concussion Testing

The Ames Minor Hockey Association has purchased the King-Devick test.  This test is to screen for concussion symptoms, not to diagnose a concussion or its resolution.   The test will be given to all skaters at the High School (JV and Varsity), Bantam and Peewee skaters, optionally to younger skaters.  If a skater is suspected of having a concussion this test may help in determining the diagnosis.  Coaches and coordinators will be trained in its use.

5 Ways to be a good Teammate

1.) Work Ethic: Success always follows those who work hard at their craft. There are never any shortcuts, both on and off the ice.

2.) Respect: For your teammates, coaches, opponents, the officials and even the game itself. Despite winning or losing, your character is what will be remembered. Make sure it’s a good one.

3.) Enthusiasm: Take pride in what you do and always come with a high level of energy. Not only will it benefit your performance but will encourage others to do the same.

4.) Discipline: If you play sports, you will face adversity. There is no way around it. At some point, the game will not be going your way or your team’s way. How will you react in those stressful situations? The best teammates learn to control their emotions, figure out the solution and attack the problem as a team.

5.) Selflessness: Always be willing to help others, and remember, “We always supersedes me.”

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